Monday, April 13, 2015

13 Man Cave Must Haves

Are you a recently married man? Are your kids taking over your house and your life? Even if you've just moved out of your mom's basement and in with your new girl friend, every man needs a little space to call his own. An estrogen-free sanctuary. A place to hangout with your buddies, drink, smoke, play games, watch porn, etc. Here is a list of must-have items for your man cave.

New or used, pool tables are a great addition to any man cave provided there is enough space in your refuge.

The mythic kegerator was once the dream of every frat boy. Now that you have your own dwelling, and possibly even a steady job, treat yourself to a cold draft beer or two from your own tap. Add a CO2 tank to keep the beer fresh for months.

A felt topped card table is a must. Great for late night poker games or other board games like Axis and Allies or Scrabble.

Everyone need a tacky wall-mounted bottle opener, but your irrational wife will most likely be against mounting it anywhere in the kitchen. Keep the kitchen a happy place for her to perform her womanly duties and mount one of these in your man cave instead. Maybe she'll surprise you with some snacks for you and your friends.

 Nothing says man cave like a large obtrusive rarely played table game in the middle of the room. Whether it's bubble hockey, air hockey, or foosball, you and your friends will certainly get a lot of use out of it the first couple hours after you assemble it.

 Every den needs a comfortable place to sit down and relax. An over-sized sofa, preferably with built-in recliners, will make watching movies and playing video games that much better, as well as providing a place to crash when your friends get too drunk to drive home.

So you never started that band you and your friends always talked about. That's no reason not to have an electric guitar and amplifier in your man cave. Keep some other instruments around in case you and your buddies are feeling creative. Just be sure not to wake the neighbors.

Good glassware is key. You're not going to serve $50 a bottle single malt scotch out of those free glasses you got at 7 Eleven are you?

Whether you're watching movies, porn, surfing the internet, or playing video games, a new smart TV is all you need.

 A top of the line gaming system will bring hours of entertainment, or bust out that old vintage system in the back of your closet for a little nostalgia.

Add a little flair to your man cave with some vintage tin signs. Some old favorites include signs for guns, beer, whiskey, cowboys, brothels and gambling establishments.

You should always keep a nice selection of single malt whiskeys in your man cave.  Man can not live on beer alone.

If smoking a little herb for enjoyment or medicinal value is one of your man cave rituals, the Kashtray is the perfect accessory. It simply is the best ashtray for people who smoke pipes, and it works great with vaporizers as well.


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