Saturday, December 1, 2012

Origins of the Term "Cashed"

Recently someone asked me where the name "Kashtray" came from. Kashtray is actually a play on words, combining the words cash or cashed, and ashtray.  It's a befitting name, as the Kashtray is an ashtray you use when your bowl is cashed. I decided to use a "K" instead of a "C" because I thought it looked better, and also to avoid confusion with the tray of a cash register.  

This got me to thinking, where did the term "cashed" come from anyway?

Marijuana smokers use the term "cashed" to refer to a bowl of marijuana which has been smoked to the point of ash. The term "cashed" can be used as an adjective, meaning empty or used up. For example: "This bowl is cashed." It can also be used as a verb, meaning to empty. For example: "Cash out that bowl and pack another."

Cashed can also refer other things that are depleted. A few non-marijuana related examples are: "This bag of chips is cashed." or "After a long day of work, I was cashed." The former meaning empty and the latter meaning tired.

The term "cash point" refers to the point at which a bowl of weed is considered to be cashed or finished, and in need of being emptied or repacked. The cash point of a bowl is heavily debated, as some smokers will smoke a bowl until all that remains is a fine gray ash, while other believe a bowl to be cashed when it no longer tastes good or even when no green remains. A person's ideal cash point may vary from day to day and is often dictated by one's financial situation or availability of said herb.

So what about the origin of the word "cashed" with reference to marijuana paraphernalia?

According to, cash, when used as a verb, means to exchange for or convert into ready money, for example, "cash a check". Likewise, to cash out something means to dispose of an asset or investment for profit, for example, "cash out your stocks". The slang term, cash in,  meaning to die, comes from the expression "cash in your chips", which is what you do when you're finished gambling. The slang use of the term "cash" or "cashed" in smoking circles is therefore thought to have derived from either "cash out", meaning sell, exchange, or dispose of, or from "cash in", meaning to die or to be finished. Of course no one wants to hit a bowl that is finished or dead, and when you "cash out a bowl" you would most certainly like to exchange the ash that's in it for something green. 

Sometimes the word "cached" is mistakenly used to mean used up or finished. However, according to, a cache is a hiding place used especially for storing provisions, a store of goods or valuables concealed in a hiding place, or a fast storage buffer in the central processing unit of a computer, for example, "cache memory"When used as a verb, the term cache means to hide or store in such a place. However, in most cases a cashed bowl is neither hidden nor stored, the term "cached bowl" is, therefore, incorrect.

There are several other words smokers use to mean used up, empty, or cashed. Depending on your location and the age of your smoking buddies, you may have heard words such as kicked, done, killed, dead, spent, burnt, beat, toasted, pooched, dusted, or simply out, to describe a bowl of marijuana that is no longer worthy of hitting.

Now that you know why your bowl is cashed, or at least why you say it's cashed, the question is: What do you do with it when it is cashed? For that, the good people at Ingenious Imports have devised a tool that helps remove ash from a cashed bowl and is, at the same time, a receptacle for this unwanted material. The Kashtray features a handmade and beautifully glazed ceramic body, a tapered metal cleaning pin, and a handsome rubber base to protect your furniture. The Kashtray is one of those products that is, at first, a luxury, then a habit, and before long, a necessity. Once you own a Kashtray you will wonder how you ever got by without one.

The Kashtray: When your bowl is's got your ash.