Monday, June 11, 2012

How to Make Hash Oil with Everclear

I want to preface this post by saying that making hash oil using this method is extremely dangerous. It is best to do this outside, away from anything flammable. Doing this inside a house or apartment is asking for your picture on the front page of your local paper. One should also have a fire extinguisher on hand as well as plenty of ventilation. Besides the obvious fire danger, it is very easy to get drunk by inhaling the fumes of the Everclear which in turn makes this method that much more dangerous. That being said, the hash oil I've made using this method is excellent. Enjoy!

This method of making hash oil is relatively simple. Basically, you will be cooking the weed in alcohol using a double broiler method, straining the marijuana infused alcohol, and then boiling this infused alcohol down to the point that it the alcohol is gone, leaving nothing but the oil from the plant. You will need, a few bottles of Everclear grain alcohol, a couple ounces of weed, a double broiler, coffee filters, a funnel, a stove or burner. and plenty of ventilation.

To do this, take your weed (it helps if you grind it up a bit) and put it in a pot of Everclear alcohol. The alcohol should more than cover the weed, but only half fill the pot, to avoid splashing and the consequent fire. Be sure to save some Everclear for the final stage as well as clean up. Place the weed/alcohol filled pot on top of a pot about half full of water. Ideally you will be using a double-broiler (as seen on the left) so that the pots fit together. If the pots don't fit together tighly, the top pot should be in contact with the water of the lower pot. Cooking the mixture in this way ensures that the temperature never gets higher than 212 degrees Fahrenheit, thus keeping the THC in the oil. Boil the mixture in this way for 30 minutes to an hour.

After it has simmered for a while, you'll need to filter the mixture to remove the weed and stems. A coffee filter works well for this, but be careful. This should be done in a safe location far away from any heat source or flame. Allowing the liquid to cool before filtering makes it much easier to handle. At this time you could take the weed you just removed from the alcohol and boil it again using new alcohol and the same method, but you will really only extract a little more goodness from the weed.

Now, take the marijuana infused alcohol and place it once again in the double broiler pot with water in the lower pot. As the water boils the alcohol will also boil and evaporate away, which is why this method is dangerous. The alcohol fumes are extremely flammable so use extreme caution. Evaporating the alcohol will take a while. Hopefully you saved enough Everclear to swish around in the pot once you get near the end. Once the alcohol has evaporated you can use something to scrape it from the pot. In the past, I've used an eyedropper to put the hash oil in a small glass vile like the one seen here, but you must do this while the oil is still warm. Use the remaining alcohol to clean your double broiler pot.


gary's butane honey oil said...

this is really enlightening, i will put it to a test and get back to you, i have actually tried something a bit different. i also run a butane honey oil blog myself

PatD1 said...

this method seems rather safer:

Alex Quintana said...

This way is totally unsafe to do, and is there any approximate return numbers? I also use everclear to extract my oil and get a 37.4% return of hash oil. All I do is cut the buds up, soak it in everclear, stir it a bit for a few minutes, and filter through a 73 micron hash bag, into a large surface area pyrex dish, and then use steam to vape off the alcohol.

Anonymous said...

awesome thread...

alex...this way u speak of, does seem safer..don't take me the wrong way I say this but,

how much meds were u using to come up with those numbers.. long do u soak ur meds in the alcohol for...

second..why would u use a pyrex dish???they explode when they get to hot..

third.. do u get steam from boiling water on the stove??


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