Sunday, June 17, 2012

How to Make Hash Oil: Safe (Evaporation) Method

In a previous post I told of a way to make hash oil with Everclear using the very dangerous double broiler method. This is a follow up to that post detailing a very safe and fool-proof method of making hash oil using either Everclear or isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol.

You will need:
1. Marijuana
2. A bottle or two of alcohol: Everclear or isopropyl (The higher the alcohol content the better.)
3. A large glass jar or similar container with a sealable lid
4. A few large coffee filters or cheesecloth
5. A large pan or baking dish
6. A razor blade, old credit card, or some other scraping device
7. A glass vial or vials depending on quantity (optional)
8. An eye-dropper (optional)

First, grind up the weed as much as possible and put it in a jar no more than 3/4 of the way full. Pour in the alcohol so that the weed is completely covered. Put the lid on, or cover the jar so that it is sealed. Let the mixture sit for a day or so, occasionally mixing it or giving it a shake.

Strain out the herbs
The next day, strain out the weed, first through a metal strainer and then through a coffee filter or cheesecloth. You could give the weed a little rinse if you have any alcohol left over.

Once filtered, transfer the marijuana infused alcohol to a large open dish, such as a baking pan. The bigger the pan, the faster the alcohol will evaporate. Let it sit until the alcohol has completely evaporated leaving you with dark, thick hash oil.

Scrape the pan using a razor blade, credit card or similar tool. At this time you could warm the hash oil slightly and use an eye dropper to put it into a glass vile for easy storage.



Tifia Napier-Morales said...

Thank you so much this is the best way I've found.... post more

Gary oil said...

wow this is really great, i will apply it to my butane honey oil component.

Anonymous said...

Would this be good for eating or smoking?

admin said...

Smoking, but I suppose you could cook with it as well.

Anonymous said...

Can't you just ingest it directly?

PatD1 said...

Decarboxylation is needed before eating. 250 deg for 1/2-1 hr would do the trick.

Karinna Ball said...

How would you accomplish the decarboxylation?

Anonymous said...

HI there great easy advice,thanx man,would this be safe to use in a e-cig

Anonymous said...

This guy doesn't know what he's talking about looking out dark and black it is THC using black you should be smacked for putting this on the Internet get some knowledge

Anonymous said...

Gotta HALF agree w trollish dude above me that dark green to black oil is BAD from what I read so far people. Scorching it w heat is one way goes black like dat. The other way is oversoaking in first place. I never made any, but I read alot. Seems like a real fast pour over, to 5 minute soak gets you the golden stuff. This guy is disolving chlorophyll with his all day soak, imho, and I'd surely filter that runoff before impurities air dry in that bowl and a human consumes them. Word.

Anonymous said...

Do 2 washes of the weed.
Pour the alcohol over the weed and swirl it around in a jar (not fast just swirl) for 15 seconds then strain and pour into dish. Do that again in same dish.
If your liquid is light green or yellow or gold then your hash will be great.

Anonymous said...

Nobody want chlorophyll, thats mostly why why I started smoking concentrates pure THC.

if done correctly

Anonymous said...

no decarb needed to eat it. You can even drink the liquid See Green Dragon

J H said...

You can boil off the alcohol instead of waiting for it to evaporate but do it outside with a fan on a hot plate. NO OPEN FLAME or you'll blow your balls off.
You don't want to smoke it. Eat it. Put it in capsules. Very strong..if done right. Start slow!!!
If you boil, you also get the advantage of decarbing in one step.
You can do the quick wash or the soak. The quick wash will have less contaminants but either is ok for recreational purposes. For medical, you want impurities to be gone.