Monday, February 21, 2011

Pipe Cleaning Brushes by Kashtray

  If you are like most daily smokers, you probably have several different kinds of smoking devices which you regularly use. Inevitably, over time, many of your favorite pipes become filled with resin and ash and even become clogged. Using pipes in this condition can cause serious problems, ranging from inhaling ash and resin to collapsed lungs. There are various methods for cleaning your pipe. Now, Kashtray offers a pipe cleaning kit made just for you. The Kashtray brand Pipe Cleaning Kit contains five brushes of various sizes to get into every nook and cranny of your favorite piece.  
  These brushes are the perfect tools to make cleaning your pipe easier than ever. The pliable wire handles are rigid yet easy to bend and the brushes are made with a natural material which won't scratch your pipe, whether it's glass or acrylic. Four of the brushes are 20 centimeters long and one is 10 cm. 

Together with the Kashtray, these brushes will help keep your pipe or bong smoking smoothly and looking new for years to come. Use the Kashtray to remove resin and ash every time you smoke, and use the Kashtray brand Pipe Cleaning Kit when you need to get your pipe squeaky clean. Both can be found at     
Remember, a clean pipe is a happy pipe.