Sunday, December 11, 2011

What Makes a Good Head Shop

What makes a good head shop?

Hey guys, Tater here. I've read some reviews of head shops recently. There was a California Head Shop that someone was criticizing for being dark and smoky. Are you fucking kidding me? I thought all head shops were dark and smoky.

Here are some things to look for
1) Do the bongs and pipes have dust on them?
2) Are the head shop workers awake?
3) Music – reggae, Phish, Grateful Dead, all signs of a legit head shop
4) Allowed to use the "b" word?
5) Do they sell the Kashtray?
6) Is there a in-store pet? (points for iguanas, beagles, and any species indigenous to South America)

If you've asked these questions and know the right answers, congratulations, you're an expert on head shops. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think makes a good head shop.



Blazzin J said...

I like it when the owners are friendly. Some states and towns are fairly strict on what things can be called. I'm never going to hold it against someone that's trying to stay in business.

The kashtray is sweet looking.

admin said...

I guess we should blame the state lawmakers for making the word "bong" illegal in some states. Glad you liked the Kashtray. Thanks for the comment.