Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ashtray for Pipes: The Kashtray

The new and improved Kashtray is here! 

The new Kashtray features:

• Sharper, more effective cleaning pin
• Extra durability ensuring years of          worry-free use
• Five colors to choose from

Why The Kashtray?

Sure there are other ashtrays out there for people who smoke pipes, but the Kashtray is the only ashtray with a glazed ceramic base and specially engineered metal cleaning pin suitable for pipes, water pipes, and vaporizers. The Kashtray also features a non-slip rubber pad to protect furniture while providing a stable base for cleaning your pipe.

What are you waiting for? The Kashtray Online Store is currently offering free shipping for retail orders and great deals on wholesale orders as well. Find out why the Kashtray is the best pipe ashtray on the market, and check out our other smoking accessories as well.
When your bowl is kashed...It's got your ash. -The Kashtray

Original Cobalt Blue Kashtray
Black Stallion Kashtray
                                                                     Sativa Green Kashtray
Panama Red Kashtray

Purple Haze Kashtray


Sara Vibes said...

Hey all!
I have the first model and I've broken a few pipes on the pin... any chance I can get a new and improved kashtray with the newly redesigned pin so I can stop breaking my pretty pipes?


admin said...


If you'd like to try the new and improved Kashtray, please contact me directly at I might be able to give you a coupon code or something.



Brandy said...

Such pretty staffs.