Monday, November 7, 2011

The Long Term Effects of Alcohol vs. Marijuana

  There are some physical health risks, particularly the possibility of damage to the airways in people who smoke marijuana or any other substance for that matter. However, the latest and most comprehensive research on marijuana has concluded that it does not contribute to the development of lung cancer. (11) While some people believe that marijuana can cause mental illness, studies have shown that marijuana may enhance the effect of such illnesses, it certainly does not cause them. (12)
   Alcohol is a primary or secondary factor in a wide range of health problems. Excessive use of alcohol can cause mental heath problems such as brain shrinkage, dementia, physical dependence, depression, anxiety, panic disorder, and alcohol withdrawal syndrome.  Damage to the physical body may include chronic gastritis, anemia, hypertriglyceridemia, cardiomyopathy, hypertension, stroke, fatty liver, cirrhosis, alcoholic hepatitis, liver cancer, acute pancreatitis, chronic pancreatitis, alcoholic lung disease, kidney stones, increased risk of gouty arthritis.  Alcohol can also cause skin diseases such as urticaria, porphyria cutanea tarda, flushing, cutaneous stigmata of cirrhosis, psoriasis, pruritus, seborrheic dermatitis and rosacea. (12.5)


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