Friday, September 30, 2011

Top Ten Reasons to Clean Your Pipe

Your pipe is clogged and it's that time again; time to clean your pipe. Of course a clogged pipe is reason enough to clean it, but there are other reasons to keep your pipe clean as well. Here's our top ten.

10. Chimney Fire!: In cases of excess build-up, resin can actually catch on fire, which can burn the finger you use to cover the carb (hole).
9. New Again: A glass pipe is one of few things in this world that can be literally as good as new again after cleaning.
8. Taste: Resin tastes bad. Weed, on the other hand, tastes good. You wouldn't drink from a dirty glass, would you?
7. Ash Mouth: No one likes to get a mouthful of ash when they hit a pipe.
6. Germs: The average desk top has over 1200 germs per square inch. How many does your pipe have? You could end up with a zit, a cold, herpes or even worse.
5. Ash Eye: If you blow into your pipe to clear it, you could get ash in your eye. Not comfortable or attractive, unless you wanna be a pirate.
4. Health: Resin is probably not very good for you. Carcinogens are bad for your lungs and resin has more carcinogens in it than the weed your smoking.
3. Looks: While the resin on the inside of a glass pipe does bring out the colors in it, variety is the spice of life. Clean your pipe often. Watch your pipe as it matures and see the changes it goes through. It's like having a kid, so I've heard.
2. Performance: A clean pipe just works better.
1. Happiness: Because a clean pipe is a happy pipe.

To keep your pipe ash-free between cleanings, use the Kashtray. The Kashtray's built-in metal cleaning pin removes all the ash and other unwanted smoking material from your pipe, bong, or vaporizer, keeping it working smoothly.


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