Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Fumo Pipe: The Pipe of the Future

   Every now and then a new product hits smoking world that deserves mentioning. One such product is the Fumo Pipe.
   Using the latest technology, the creators of the Fumo Pipe have developed a smoking device that is a modern take on the ancient smoking tool, the pipe. The Fumo Pipe is convenient and attractive while offering the smoothest hit of any portable smoking device on the market today. The ergonomic design of the Fumo Pipe means no more burning your fingers as with traditional "hole-type" carbs. Furthermore, the Fumo Pipe comes in a variety of colors and is easily customizable, with different laser-etched tubes, o-rings, and your choice of bowl materials.
   Together, the Fumo Pipe and the Kashtray are revolutionizing the smoking world. Get yours today at


Glass Pipes said...

People who use to have the smoking pipes are always in search of new style which they can opt. Many kinds of pipes are available these days which look so awesome. The information about Fumo pipe is very nice.

Bryan said...

I guess it wasn't the pipe of the future after all... :(

Sam said...

This seemed like a really cool idea, the website doesn't work though so I guess it was discontinued?

danny boyd said...

YES IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Best pipe ever ! If you can afford it

danny boyd said...

Absolutely not ! 1% and others sell it , just bought mine last week