Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Kashtray: When your bowl is cashed, it's got your ash.

How many times has this happened? You medicate yourself with a bowl of your favorite medical marijuana, and when you're done, you spend fifteen minutes looking for something with which to rid your bowl of the embers, soot, and partially burnt organic material that remain. Maybe it’s due to your medicated state of mind, but at this moment, it seems like anything will work. Toothpicks and incense sticks are the tools of choice, but often you end up settling for something less appropriate, like your keys, a pencil or pen, a knife, a paperclip or a bent up piece of a coat hanger that you twisted around for five minutes in order to break off, nearly losing an eye in the process. Alternately, too lazy to find said poking device, you decide to knock the cashed bowl into you hand, burning first your hand, and then your sweatshirt, jeans, sofa, and/or carpet.
I know--me too.

Well, the Kashtray is the answer to your problems. The Kashtray is a ceramic ashtray made specifically for people who smoke pipes, bongs, and vaporizers. The Kashtray’s central cleaning pin penetrates deep down into your bowl to clean out even the most stubborn pipe-clogging residue. The deep dish of the Kashtray is a safe receptacle for any kind of ash and the high gloss glaze makes for easy clean up.

The Kashtray is perfect for all kinds of smokers.

Do you smoke more than one kind of medical marijuana to treat different symptoms? The Kashtray is the most effective way to clean out your bowl in between dosages. The Kashtray is also great for smoking snobs and aficionados who prefer not to smoke a bowl of marijuana down to its carbon base, but rather savor the flavor of the herb by just smoking the green out of it. Your med-mooching roommate will also love scavenging the Kashtray’s deep dish for smokable treasures.

No matter if you smoke once a month, once a week, or once an hour, whether you smoke from a pipe, bong or vaporizer, the Kashtray is the easiest, most convenient way to keep your smoking device clean and clog-free every time you use it.

Next time your bowl is cashed, let the Kashtray get your ash.