Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How to Clean Your Pipe: Kashtray

This blog has been made to share ideas about how to clean your pipe, and how to keep it clean.  Because we all know: a clean pipe is a happy pipe.

Please feel free to share you ideas and methods for cleaning pipes of all kinds, as well as cleaning and maintanance ideas for vaporizers and other smoking accessories.  All form of media will be considered.

I hope this site will prove to be useful for all who view it, and thanks in advance for sharing your comments and ideas.


glass pipes said...

Thanks for the information.. I totally agree cleaning a pipe is very essential and necessary part to see the pipe going well.. I have seen the cleaning kit of Kashtray and soon planning to order it..

plumbing said...

Great informations. Keeping your pipes clean will definitely help it endure day to day use.