Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Fumo Pipe: The Pipe of the Future

   Every now and then a new product hits smoking world that deserves mentioning. One such product is the Fumo Pipe.
   Using the latest technology, the creators of the Fumo Pipe have developed a smoking device that is a modern take on the ancient smoking tool, the pipe. The Fumo Pipe is convenient and attractive while offering the smoothest hit of any portable smoking device on the market today. The ergonomic design of the Fumo Pipe means no more burning your fingers as with traditional "hole-type" carbs. Furthermore, the Fumo Pipe comes in a variety of colors and is easily customizable, with different laser-etched tubes, o-rings, and your choice of bowl materials.
   Together, the Fumo Pipe and the Kashtray are revolutionizing the smoking world. Get yours today at

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The History of the Kashtray

Recently there have been questions about the history of the Kashtray and just how long it has been around. This brief chronicle of the Kashtray shows the use of the Kashtray around the world over the centuries.

The first documented use of the Kashtray was during the Ming Dynasty in China in the 15th century.

Trade with the Portugues, Spanish, and Dutch soon brought the Kashtray to Europe where in was widely used among artists, writers, and nobility during the Renaissance period. The Kashtray even became the centerpiece of this 17th century still-life.
Before the prohibition of opium in China in 1906, the Kashtray was often found in opium dens across Asia. Thought to bring good luck, it was as popular in the orient at that time as the waving kitty is today.

The Kashtray was also popular among pipe-toking women in China in the early 19th century.

In the west, the Kashtray became somewhat of a status symbol in the 1900's. Obviously these people didn't read the warning about putting the Kashtray in a safe location.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Kashtray: When your bowl is cashed, it's got your ash.

How many times has this happened? You medicate yourself with a bowl of your favorite medical marijuana, and when you're done, you spend fifteen minutes looking for something with which to rid your bowl of the embers, soot, and partially burnt organic material that remain. Maybe it’s due to your medicated state of mind, but at this moment, it seems like anything will work. Toothpicks and incense sticks are the tools of choice, but often you end up settling for something less appropriate, like your keys, a pencil or pen, a knife, a paperclip or a bent up piece of a coat hanger that you twisted around for five minutes in order to break off, nearly losing an eye in the process. Alternately, too lazy to find said poking device, you decide to knock the cashed bowl into you hand, burning first your hand, and then your sweatshirt, jeans, sofa, and/or carpet.
I know--me too.

Well, the Kashtray is the answer to your problems. The Kashtray is a ceramic ashtray made specifically for people who smoke pipes, bongs, and vaporizers. The Kashtray’s central cleaning pin penetrates deep down into your bowl to clean out even the most stubborn pipe-clogging residue. The deep dish of the Kashtray is a safe receptacle for any kind of ash and the high gloss glaze makes for easy clean up.

The Kashtray is perfect for all kinds of smokers.

Do you smoke more than one kind of medical marijuana to treat different symptoms? The Kashtray is the most effective way to clean out your bowl in between dosages. The Kashtray is also great for smoking snobs and aficionados who prefer not to smoke a bowl of marijuana down to its carbon base, but rather savor the flavor of the herb by just smoking the green out of it. Your med-mooching roommate will also love scavenging the Kashtray’s deep dish for smokable treasures.

No matter if you smoke once a month, once a week, or once an hour, whether you smoke from a pipe, bong or vaporizer, the Kashtray is the easiest, most convenient way to keep your smoking device clean and clog-free every time you use it.

Next time your bowl is cashed, let the Kashtray get your ash.

Friday, October 22, 2010

How to Clean Your Pipe: Isopropyl Alcohol Method

The isopropyl alcohol method is another old favorite of mine. It's cheap, easy, and effective. There are several variations of this method, but all basically involve soaking your pipe in isopropyl alcohol and then using something to remove the resin.

My favorite way to clean my pipe using alcohol is putting my pipe in a ziplock bag, pouring some alcohol into the bag, and then waiting an hour or two before shaking the bag and/or using a variety of tools to get to those hard to reach places.  I only use 99% or higher concentration isopropyl alcohol on my pipes, and a bottle of it usually costs about a dollar.  I really don't think you need to spend a lot of money on expensive pipe cleaning solutions, as alcohol works fine.  You could also use Everclear grain alcohol if you have any left over from your Jungle Juice party.

After an hour or two (or even overnight), I take the bag and give it a few shakes to loosen up the resin.  You could also put some salt in the bag to act as a mild abrasive. 

Pour out the resin-infused alcohol, being careful not to get it on anything of value, as it will cause stains. If the pipe is still a little dirty, I like to use some wire pipe cleaners at this time, since the resin is still soft and easy to remove.

Once your pipe is completely clean, give it a good rinse in warm water, wipe it down with a paper towel, let it dry and enjoy.

This method also works great for cleaning bongs, bong stems, vaporizer handkits and other smoking accessories.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How to Clean Your Pipe: Boiling Water Method

Boiling water has probably been used to clean pipes since ancient times.  Certainly this girl had to use more than just a stick to clean parts of this baby.

Furthermore, water is free and easily accessible. The first time I ever really cleaned my pipe, I used this method.

First, get a pot big enough for your pipe or pipes (you might as well take this opportunity to clean all your pipes. Also, choose a pot that you won't miss using for cooking.  I have found that it is harder to clean the pot you use to boil the pipe in, than it is to clean the pipe itself. And you definitely don't want your mom asking you about the black tar-like stuff stuck to her brand new pot from Crate and Barrel.

Fill the pot about halfway with warm water.  Put the pot on the stove and put your pipe in it.  You don't want the water boiling first, because then you have to drop your pipe into the water, which could be dangerous for you and your pipe.

Turn the burner on medium, and allow the water to boil.  At this point you could use a pair of tongs to move your pipe around a little bit to loosen up all the resin inside.

After 5 or 10 minutes of boiling, take the pot to the sink and turn on the hot water.  You want the water hot to help you rinse out the pot of now resinous water. The water needs to be hot to keep the pipe hot and avoid cracking due to temperature change.

Repeat the last two steps a few times or until your pipe is sufficiently clean.  You might also use some form of pipe cleaner (or wire) at this time to get those hard to reach places.  Just make sure you have poured out all of the water from inside the pipe itself and use a towel or oven mitt to avoid burning yourself.

If you're cleaning a glass pipe you need to be particularly careful using this method.  The hot water is not necessarily dangerous for your pipe, but you could burn yourself and then drop the pipe.  You could also drop your pipe into the sink when changing the water.

When you've finished, give the pipe one final rinse, allow it to cool, and enjoy. Keep the pot (the pot you used for boiling the pipe) for next time. And check out for an interesting new product designed to keep you pipe clean and clog-free every time you use it.

Check out our article on cleaning your pipe with isopropyl alcohol.

How to Clean Your Pipe: Kashtray

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