Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Be Careful Who You Do Business With

Sometimes, after your bowl is cashed, you come up with some really good ideas. Sometimes these ideas can lead to inventions. Inventing a great new product in the medical marijuana industry could be very profitable,  just be careful who you deal with in this relatively new and ever-expanding industry. There are a lot of people out there who make money by preying on unsuspecting new business owners

The following article is a summary of my relationship with Maayan Gordon and 2K Industries and the circumstances which lead to Maayan Gordon selling thousands of dollars worth of my product and then using the money she received to invest in her own business. After 2 years, she still owes me nearly $5000. I do not, and have never worked for 2K Industries and I do not represent this company in any way. 

I had been working with Maayan Gordon and Ben Kemph and their company 2K Industries for the latter part of 2011 and the first half of 2012, though my communication with their company was mostly via Maayan. In 2011, Maayan Gordon and her distribution company, 2K Industries, offered to help me sell my product which, like their product 2K Diffuser Beads,  is a smoking accessory. In December of 2011, I sent them 1000 units with the agreement that they would sell on a commission basis and pay me a fixed rate as they sold the product. To their credit, they did a good job making sales and, at first, they paid me as they sold them, soon requesting I send them more product. In January 2012 I sent them an additional 1000 units, but I later sold 500 of them myself. Maayan then requested that I sent her 3000 units as she and Ben would be attending the Champs Trade Show in February 2012, where they expected many sales. I agreed to send them the 3000 units and I even gave them $400 to help pay for costs associated with doing such a show.

On March 5th I received an email from Maayan Gordon: “As soon as we've got those 3,000 (units) I know we'll move them well and start sending you some money.”

When I asked about how sales were going since the show, on March 8th I received an email from Maayan Gordon: “Yup! Just got an order today for 10 more cases (of product) and will have around $2000 to send you after we sort out an issue with our merchant service…”

While she did send me $1250 on March 13th, that still didn’t cover the previous shipment of 500 units I had sent her in January. This is where I started to see some red flags.

On April 25th Maayan Gordon stated in an email: “…just called up one of our guys and he ordered 15 cases COD, so we will be able to send you more money in 2 weeks, and things are looking good, lots of interest in the catalog we're putting together and excited for the CK show.”

For the 15 cases, Maayan Gordon of 2K Industries was supposed to send me $1620, which I never received. She also became increasingly more difficult to contact and emails became less and less frequent.

On May 9th I asked Maayan about the number of units she had sold since I sent her the 3000 units in March, and she replied:  “think we've sold about 200-250…going to go over all inventory after the (CK) show.” According to this statement she should have had at least 2750 units in stock.

On May 17th, I asked her if she had ever gotten paid for the 15 cases she sent out a few weeks prior and she replied: “Yes, unfortunately it all went to bills right before the trade show, was really hoping it would pay off more, but you're first on the list when money comes in… hopefully it comes in this next week… I’m hurting too, behind on rent and won't even get to celebrate my 21 birthday next weekend.” But when the money did come in, she never sent me a dime. Coincidentally, Maayan did have enough money to go celebrate her birthday, in Vegas none the less.

I put two and two together and on May 22, 2012 I questioned Maayan about where all the money had gone for the sales she had made. She responded: “I haven't been using the money we make (from your product) to pay personal bills but to get to trade shows and promote both our products....From now on, any (of your product) sales that come in, we'll just give you the full amount for that they pay.”

But, on May 31st , when I asked for a total count of units of my product she had in stock she said: “ we've got just over 2,000 (units) in stock.” That means, not only had she already sold the 500 units from the previous shipment, but she had also sold about 1000 units from the shipment of 3000 in March. A total of 1500 units, not the 200-250 units she had told me about 3 weeks before, and I had received no money as promised.

On June 1st  Maayan Gordon said in an email: “We will continue to sell the rest of the (units) that we have and pay you for the product we have sold, but remember if we hadn't sold them, you'd be in the same situation since you can't sell them yourself, you'd just have a lot more (units) sitting and you'd have to deal with all the customs, storage, shipping, and so forth.” 

If they hadn’t sold any units of my product, how could I possibly be in the same situation? If they hadn’t sold my product, they wouldn’t have spent all my money. I would have still had 3500 units of product to sell, and I wouldn’t have been owed $6500 from two people in a failing business. On the contrary, if Maayan had kept her word and paid me for the products she had sold, my situation would be infinitely better, but even if she hadn’t sold one unit, I would be better off.

As it turns out, Maayan Gordon was using all the money she received from the sales of my product to keep her own failing business afloat. She used, not only the profits from those sales, but also the money she was supposed to pay for the product itself. She not only promoted her product (Diffuser Beads) and my product, but also other products she was selling at the time. She lied to me about the number of products she had sold in order to buy time to pay me back, but has since hardly paid me a penny.

When asked about her business practices over the previous several months, MAayan refused to take any responsibility for her actions. On June 6th Maayan wrote: “I personally did not take your money, my business spent it on business expenses, and owes you a debt…yes, I agree we owe you money… I guess we misunderstood, the way I saw it, we would pay you back as we could as we sold them, I thought you understood the financial struggles of a new company…”

Of course I understand the struggles of a new company. At the time, my company was also a new company, and it is also struggling, in part due to the actions of Maayan Gordon. The difference is, I used my own money to manufacture and promote my product. It was money I had been saving for many years. Although sales were a little slow, I was doing fine. It wasn’t until Maayan Gordon decided to use the money she owed me for the product of mine she had sold, that I started to struggle financially.

Taking no responsibility for her actions, on June 6th Maayan Gordon said in an email: “Its money the company owes you…2k industries is a limited liability company…I never knew I would be pressured if I didn't sell them quickly…If you can be patient, I will pay you back the full amount we owe you…but I cannot ALSO continue to sell (your product) as I won't have space.”

The truth is, I never pressured Maayan Gordon to sell my product quickly. In fact, it turns out sales were quite good. I’m glad sales weren’t better because then she could have taken even more money. The problem is, she simple wasn’t paying me for the products she had sold and she was lying to me about the numbers in order to buy more time. Like I said before, I would be much better off today if she had never sold a single unit.

In June 2012, after Maayan told me she no longer wanted to sell my product. I immediately contacted another distributor who said he would be happy to take the entire stock off my hands. A total of 1990 units were shipped from Maayan’s house in Seattle to a distributor on the East Coast. Oddly, she continued to sell my product on her website for several months after, even though she claimed she had returned all the unsold product. She continued making small payments, the last of which I received in April 2013. Since then, I have only heard from her a few times. Maayan Gordon, and her company 2K Industries, still owes me $4976.

They have said many times that they will eventually pay me back the money that is owed to me, but they have also threatened to file for bankruptcy. The fact is, even if they do eventually pay me back, that doesn’t change the fact that what they did was morally wrong and illegal. It doesn’t change the fact that I will not have access to this money for a long time, which makes it that much more difficult for me to invest in my own product or business.

The following are links to Maayan Gordon’s various Facebook profiles pages.

Maayan is still selling her product as well as other products online. She also appears to be doing some web design under the name: Seattle Media Design.

If you decide to do business with Maayan Gordon, 2K Industries, or any other company she or her husband is affiliated with, do so at your own risk. The medical marijuana industry is a small and closely-knit community which is just getting started. It is increasingly easier for people like this to prey on others trying to enter into entrepreneurship. Please help others avoid scam artists like this by passing this on to others in the industry.

2K Industries Scam Alert

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Mentholated Joint (A New Way to Smoke Weed)

So I stumbled upon this the other day. I still don't have a name for it, so please leave your suggestions.

First you roll a joint as you normally would. Then, put the joint in one of those resealable super-minty chewing gums, like Airwaves, for example. Generally this kind of gum has eucalyptus and menthol in the candy coating. Menthol and eucalyptus are widely used in medicine to clear the head and nasal passages tend to reduce the symptoms of nasal congestion and colds. Leave the joint sealed up in the pack, with or without the gum, for at least a half a day, or better yet, for several days. When you smoke the joint, you will experience a cooling sensation in you mouth, throat, and lungs, similar to a menthol cigarette. It's a surprisingly pleasant new way to smoke your favorite strain of marijuana. Give it a try, and let me know what you think. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Origins of the Term "Cashed"

Recently someone asked me where the name "Kashtray" came from. Kashtray is actually a play on words, combining the words cash or cashed, and ashtray.  It's a befitting name, as the Kashtray is an ashtray you use when your bowl is cashed. I decided to use a "K" instead of a "C" because I thought it looked better, and also to avoid confusion with the tray of a cash register.  

This got me to thinking, where did the term "cashed" come from anyway?

Marijuana smokers use the term "cashed" to refer to a bowl of marijuana which has been smoked to the point of ash. The term "cashed" can be used as an adjective, meaning empty or used up. For example: "This bowl is cashed." It can also be used as a verb, meaning to empty. For example: "Cash out that bowl and pack another."

Cashed can also refer other things that are depleted. A few non-marijuana related examples are: "This bag of chips is cashed." or "After a long day of work, I was cashed." The former meaning empty and the latter meaning tired.

The term "cash point" refers to the point at which a bowl of weed is considered to be cashed or finished, and in need of being emptied or repacked. The cash point of a bowl is heavily debated, as some smokers will smoke a bowl until all that remains is a fine gray ash, while other believe a bowl to be cashed when it no longer tastes good or even when no green remains. A person's ideal cash point may vary from day to day and is often dictated by one's financial situation or availability of said herb.

So what about the origin of the word "cashed" with reference to marijuana paraphernalia?

According to, cash, when used as a verb, means to exchange for or convert into ready money, for example, "cash a check". Likewise, to cash out something means to dispose of an asset or investment for profit, for example, "cash out your stocks". The slang term, cash in,  meaning to die, comes from the expression "cash in your chips", which is what you do when you're finished gambling. The slang use of the term "cash" or "cashed" in smoking circles is therefore thought to have derived from either "cash out", meaning sell, exchange, or dispose of, or from "cash in", meaning to die or to be finished. Of course no one wants to hit a bowl that is finished or dead, and when you "cash out a bowl" you would most certainly like to exchange the ash that's in it for something green. 

Sometimes the word "cached" is mistakenly used to mean used up or finished. However, according to, a cache is a hiding place used especially for storing provisions, a store of goods or valuables concealed in a hiding place, or a fast storage buffer in the central processing unit of a computer, for example, "cache memory"When used as a verb, the term cache means to hide or store in such a place. However, in most cases a cashed bowl is neither hidden nor stored, the term "cached bowl" is, therefore, incorrect.

There are several other words smokers use to mean used up, empty, or cashed. Depending on your location and the age of your smoking buddies, you may have heard words such as kicked, done, killed, dead, spent, burnt, beat, toasted, pooched, dusted, or simply out, to describe a bowl of marijuana that is no longer worthy of hitting.

Now that you know why your bowl is cashed, or at least why you say it's cashed, the question is: What do you do with it when it is cashed? For that, the good people at Ingenious Imports have devised a tool that helps remove ash from a cashed bowl and is, at the same time, a receptacle for this unwanted material. The Kashtray features a handmade and beautifully glazed ceramic body, a tapered metal cleaning pin, and a handsome rubber base to protect your furniture. The Kashtray is one of those products that is, at first, a luxury, then a habit, and before long, a necessity. Once you own a Kashtray you will wonder how you ever got by without one.

The Kashtray: When your bowl is's got your ash.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Top Ten Stoner Gifts Ideas

There's a nip in the air and this year's harvest is dry, that can only mean one's time for the Top Ten Stoner Gift ideas of 2012. This year's class contains the best smoking accessories we could find for every budget, arranged from lowest to highest in price for your convenience. So whether your favorite stoner has been naughty, nice, or a little bit of both, we're sure one of these will make the perfect gift.

Spliffs, by Nick Jones
A celebration of cannabis culture, Spliffs, by Nick Jones, is an authority on all aspects of the marijuana counter culture. Fully illustrated with full-color photographs and drawings throughout, this book has  information on different varieties of weed and hash, recipes, famous users, paraphernalia, and the influence of marijuana on music, movies, media, and literary and comic book culture.  
$10.42 + Shipping
More Info

Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible

Marijuana Horticulture
The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible by Jorge Cervantes is probably the most complete book on growing marijuana ever written and makes a great gift for the stoner interested in growing. The books credits list more than 300 contributors and has 512 full color pages and over 1000 full color photographs and illustrations.
$19.77 + Shipping
More Info

Kashtray New Colors

The Kashtray 
The ashtray for people who smoke weed. Inspired by necessity and enhanced through design, the Kashtray is the solution to the pipe smoker’s most common problem – how to clean out your pipe. Made of beautifully glazed, high quality ceramic, the Kashtray is functional, attractive, and a must-have for all pipe and vaporizer smokers.
$19.99 Delivered
More Info

Everyone needs clothes, right? The SEED-TEE-LION from Seedless, is shown here, but anything by Seedless is sure to please the stoner on your shopping list.
$22.99 + Shipping
More Info

Marijuana Hemp Leaf Toaster
Giving new meaning to the phrase wake n' bake, this marijuana hemp leaf toaster is the perfect gift for the stoner out there who has everything, everything except a marijuana hemp leaf toaster, that is.
$35 + Shipping
More Info


Mendo Mulcher Grinder
The Mendo Mulcher grinder is one of the best grinders on the market today. Made in Mendocino County, USA, the Mendo Mulcher grinder also has more teeth than any other grinder on the market today. Even the smallest herbs cannot escape its awesome grinding power. Seen here is the 2" Vap Grinder with 190 micron screen.
$44.95 + Shipping
More Info

Armilon Capsule Pipe
This is light-weight, efficient and discreet, a perfect gift for the stoner who enjoys outdoor activities. The retractable bowl allows you to load and go and snuff out your bowl between hits. What's more, the Capsule will never clog due to its ingenious DrawFORCE Filter™ technology that’s specifically designed to capture ash, and hot tar.
$49.99 Delivered
More Info

Without a doubt one of the finest smoking tools around, the Incredipipe is simple, sleek, and very effective. The Incredibowl m420 (Mini), seen here, shares the same design as the larger i420 in a smaller, more compact package. and comes in red, black, royal blue and green.
$69.99 Delivered
More Info

Wolf Productions Rolling Tray
Every stoner needs a stash box. Known as the T4, the deluxe golden maple rolling tray is the king of rolling trays! The T4 has a sifting compartment for extracting the very best out of your material as well as a latch, lock and key mechanism to help you keep your weed and smoking accessories safe and secure.
$ 80.00 + Shipping
More Info

G Pen
The G Pen is one of the most modern smoking accessories on the market. This portable vaporizer, powered by an advanced lithium ion battery, is compact, discreet, and ready to use. As seen here, each G Box comes with a G Pen, G Tank, G Tool, USB Charger with an AC adapter, and two essential oil containers.
$100 + Shipping
More Info

Friday, October 19, 2012

Top Ten Stoner Gifts Under $20

It's that time of year again and you need to find that perfect gift for your favorite stoner. Unfortunately, you recently lost your job and you're living in your mom's basement again. Money is tight, but don't fret. We've done the work for you (you lazy bastard) and found the ten best stoner gifts under $20.

American Weigh Digital Pocket Scale
Convenient and accurate. Weighs up to 1000 grams by 0.1 gram increments.
$9.70 + Shipping
The Original Dugout One-Hitter
You've seen them. You've used them. One of the most discreet and efficient ways to smoke weed. Even if you have twenty pipes, you need to have one of these.
$12.90 + Shipping
Buy Now

Kashtray New Colors
The Kashtray
The Kashtray is an ashtray made specifically for people who smoke weed. The ceramic base is easy to clean and the metal cleaning pin effectively cleans out even the most stubborn ash.
$19.99 Delivered
Authentic Chromium Crusher 2.5'' 4pc CNC Herbal Tobacco Herb Aluminum Grinder Silver W/ LIFE TIME WARRANTY!
Authentic Chromium Crusher
This 2.5", 4 Piece herb grinder comes with a lifetime warranty.
$19.95 + Shipping
Buy Now

Can Safe Arizona Ice Tea

Discreet and safe, a great place to hide your weed or other smoking paraphernalia. They come in several other styles as well, such as Coca Cola, WD-40, shaving cream, engine oil, etc.
 $11.99 + Shipping

The revolutionary lighter accessory that keeps your pipe clean while on the go.
$5.99 + Shipping
Rolling Papers
Different colors, different sizes, different flavors. Get a variety pack and smoke a different jay every day.
$3 to $6 + Shipping

Hand Blown Glass Tobacco Pipe Rainbow Stripe Pyrex

Hand Blown Glass

This hand blown glass tobacco pipe with rainbow stripes is made from durable pyrex glass on the Oregon coast. Very colorful and unique. All pipes are hand made, so each one will vary slightly. Other styles are available.
$20 + Shipping
Buy Now

Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible

Marijuana Horticulture by Jorge Cervantes
One of the most complete books about growing marijuana that you will find. Novice and expert growers can both learn something from this book.
$19.77 + Shipping

The gift of weed is always appreciated. With so many kinds to choose from, just choose the right amount for your budget. Truly the gift that keeps on giving.
Prices Vary

Monday, October 15, 2012

Ashtrays for Pipes: Product Comparison

There are a lot of ashtrays for pipes out there. Although we are partial to the Kashtray, we wanted to give our readers and potential customers the chance to compare what's on the market today. We are confident that the Kashtray is the best ashtray for pipes out there. Take a look and choose for yourself.

Name: Debowler
Material: plastic
Pros: cheap, cheap, cheap
Cons: plastic melts, cleaning pin too big to be effective on some bowls, potentially dangerous
Price: $5 + shipping
Buy Now

Name: Smashtray
Material: silicone
Pros: safe, won't break glass pipes
Cons: no cleaning pin makes it difficult to remove stubborn ash
Price: $15
Buy Now

Name: Kashtray
Material: ceramic base, metal pin
Pros: looks great, effective cleaning pin, easy to clean
Cons: breakable, potentially dangerous, your friends will be jealous
Price: $20 (includes shipping)
Buy Now

Name: Tap Dat Ash
Material: silicone
Pros: safe, won't break glass pipes
Cons: no cleaning pin makes it difficult to remove stubborn ash
Price: $19.95 + shipping
Buy Now

Peterson of Dublin Pipe &... 
Name: Peterson Pipe Ashtray
Material: ceramic and cork
Pros: looks great, also works well for cigarettes, cigars, and joints
Cons: breakable, no cleaning pin makes it difficult to remove stubborn ash
Price: $30 + shipping
Buy Now

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Top Ten Songs about Weed

Listening to music and smoking weed go hand in hand. Here's a list of our top top songs about weed. Next time your bowl is cashed, sit back and listen to one of these classics and check out the Kashtray at:

10. Hotel California by Eagles

9. Gin and Juice by Snoop Dogg

8. Rainy Day Women No. 12 & 35 by Bob Dylan 

7. I Love You Maryjane by Cypress Hill and Sonic Youth

6. And It Stoned Me by Van Morrison

5. I am the Walrus by The Beatles

4. Smoke Two Joints by Sublime

3. Burn One Down by Ben Harper

2. Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix

1. Kaya by Bob Marley